Careprost is a highly effective cosmetic preparation that stimulates the growth of eyelashes, making them thicker and darker. The results of using this substance directly depend on how carefully you follow the instructions.


The active ingredient of Careprost is the physiologically active substance bimatoprost. The sterile ophthalmic solution contains inactive ingredients – distilled water, antiseptic and preservative additives.

Correct mode of application

It is recommended to use Careprost at night. It is required to thoroughly remove makeup and wait until the used cosmetics are absorbed and the skin dries.

If you wear contact lenses, be sure to remove them. It is allowed to put on the lenses again only 15 minutes after you have applied this solution.

To apply Careprost, a special applicator is used, which is a part of the package with the product. While holding the applicator horizontally, place one drop of the preparation close to the tip of the brush and use immediately.

Careprost is allowed to be used only on the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. It must be applied strictly along the line of eyelash growth, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. This should be done very carefully, in one smooth movement.

Care must be taken to keep the applicator and bottle cap clean, so do not touch them with your fingers or allow contact with other surfaces.

Even the smallest amount of liquid that gets on the eyelid must be removed with a dry cotton pad. Excessive preparation outside the lash line can lead to unwanted vellus hair.

Careprost should not be used for eyelashes growing on the lower eyelid, because intensively growing hair in this area will look ugly.

In case of accidental contact with the face skin, the product should be simply wiped off with any material that absorbs moisture well. If a certain amount of the drug gets into the eye, it will not cause harm, there is no need to rinse the eyes with water.

The recommended frequency of using this substance is once a day. More frequent use or an increase in the amount of the applied product will not accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

If for some reason you missed the evening use of the drug, no additional action is required. Just keep using it as described above.

Combination with other cosmetic products

The use of Careprost does not restrict you in the use of cosmetics. You can use mascara if you like, although soon enough your eyes will look expressive without makeup.

Course duration

The visible results of using Careprost appear after 4-6 weeks of regular use, the maximum effect will be achieved within 12-16 weeks. One 3 ml bottle is sufficient for 8-12 weeks of daily use.

Once your lashes have reached the desired length, there is no need for daily drug use. It will be enough to use it 1-2 times a week to keep the results obtained. One bottle in this mode is enough for 4-6 months.

After you have already used two bottles of the drug, it is recommended to take a break. The next course can be started within 2-3 months.

Withdrawal effect

After you withdraw the regular use of Careprost, the stimulating effect will stop. Within 2-3 months, your lashes will return to their original state. It is best to withdraw the drug gradually, moving from daily application to lashes to less frequent use.

The use of this substance can cause increased skin pigmentation. This means that in the places where the product falls, the skin becomes darker. This effect is reversible, that is, when you stop using the drug, the darkening will disappear after a few weeks.

Ciliary hairs growing when using this eyelashes product can have different thicknesses. After the drug is discontinued, they will look the same.

Possible consequences

Usually Careprost is well tolerated, but sometimes allergic reactions to the drug are noted. If you experience itching or redness of the eyes, this may indicate an individual intolerance to its components.

If the preparation or applicator is contaminated, a bacterial infection may develop. If you are worried about the condition of the eye mucous membrane, symptoms of conjunctivitis appear, you should consult a doctor.


A direct contraindication to the use of this product is allergic reactions to the drug. There are no reliable data on the safety of this drug by pregnant and lactating women. Since there are no clinical results from the use of Careprost by children and adolescents, as well as cancer patients undergoing treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs, the drug is also not recommended for them.

Special recommendations

The active agent of this product is bimatoprost, which is a medicine for treating high eye pressure. If you are using any drugs that affect intraocular pressure, or have encountered problems with ocular pressure, you should decide on the possibility of using Careprost for cosmetic purposes in cooperation with your doctor.

When using this option in accordance with the above recommendations, a significant effect on the level of intraocular pressure is unlikely. When measuring intraocular pressure, inform your doctor that you are using bimatoprost.